VGA Planets - improved PLIST for PHOST v3.2 and v4 - PLIST 2.4



The original PLIST (PLIST1) had some small undesirable features and a slightly unbalanced shiplist/combat configuration. These known problems were fixed by a second version, called PLIST2. Furthermore, we added some new interesting ship types. However, we don't changed the original PLIST shiplist completely.

PLIST2 is designed for PHOST v3.2.X.X (v3.2 and higher compatible PHOST versions, also PHost4). PLIST 2.4 is the latest version.


PLIST is an alternative shiplist for PHOST games using alternative combat settings. PLIST is especially designed for players, who are experienced and maybe bored by playing Tim's original standard shiplist. PLIST's characteristics are the very expensive and powerful ships (e.g. Death Star Carrier carrying up to 20 main weapons). The shiplist itself is well balanced and doesn't include useless ship types. The names of the hulls and equipment were taken from different SF series and literature. The goal of the PLIST developers was to create an excellent list for pretentious players. That's why some players called the PLIST an expert shiplist.


The original PLIST (PLIST1) was crafted by Carsten Pinnow, Thomas Voigt, Steffen Pietsch, and Matt Mueller. It was the basic design for the PLIST 2.4.

However, the old PLIST1 had some unlikely features and unbalances in the race strengths, which were also due to new PHOST features. Vagabund decided to check the old settings, equipment and shiphulls for their building and efficiency value and adjusted the races.

Known PLIST1 features changed in PLIST2:

Furthermore we designed some new ship types and added some additional optional custom hull functions to some ships.

It would take a long explanation to discuss all differences between the original PLIST and PLIST 2.4. In the following the most significant changes are listed by race numbers. For details see the tables engines_diff, beams_diff, tubes & torps_diff and hulls_diff.

Federation (race 1):

Most of the FED ships were incredible expensive in minerals in comparsion to their fighting abilities. For example a NOVA_CD was twice as expensive in minerals than a comparable ELIMINATOR_CD. Now, we raised its mass and number of tubes, but removed the unreasonable cloaking device. For compensation, a new middle class ship (DEFIANT) having a cloaking device was added to the list. Hull masses of RIGEL_CD, ARMAGEDDON_CC, GALAXY_CHC (as an alternative heavy warship) were increased, minerals were adjusted. The AMBASSADOR_CB has been changed to a strong supply ship (450 cargo room). NEBULA_CLC and CONSTITUTION_CF were too cheap in minerals.

Gorn (race 2):

The Gorn lost much of his old flexibility compared to the standard list. He had no longer an anticloaking ship (Loki = CONSTITUTION_CF) and a terraformer (Eros = MIRANDA_CR). Furthermore, there were only a small stock of ships worth to be build. We improved several of his ships.

LUMBERJACK got cheaper, DIMETRODON first encounter ship obtained more mass, RAPTOR supplied with 3 tubes, ALLOSAURUS' fuel tank increased (350kt), T-REX obtained one additional fighterbay, GODZILLA's engine number has been reduced down to 6, while hull cost has been raised by 50kt Molybdenum. It is still kept very expensive, because it is a bomb of a battleship. A smart Gorn player has no lack of minerals or money to build GODZILLAs. Two fully equipped ones take out a DEATH_STAR_CARRIER. Another important point was also to increase the maximum income limit onto 6000 MCs.

Romulan (race 3):

The Romulans have very nice ships, but some have too small fuel tanks. A main problem was the small difference between KING CONDOR_C and D'DERIDEX_CW. We increased the KING CONDOR_C's cargo room, reduced its costs, adjusted mass and tubes. In the opposite the D'DERIDEX has been changed into a more powerful but also in a more expensive warship. This modification corresponds to the standard shiplist. K'T'INGA_CB obtained 2, BLACK_BIRD_CL 1 additional tube. The cargo room of the B'REL_CB and BLACK_BIRD_CL was increased a bit. C7_QAPLA'C mineral cost was raised. BLACK_BIRD_CL has an optional cloaking device now.

As a new idea we designed an expensive freighter with a cloaking device for the Romulans. (PHOENIX_CT is not longer a warship.)

Klingon (race 4):

The Klingon shiplist is really nice. We corrected only a few ship parameters. QAIBE_CF obtained additional mass, + 2 beams and a bigger cargo room, K'VORT get an increased fuel tank + cargo room and it costs less minerals now, D3_CHA'DICH_CD + 1 tube, + mass and cheaper in minerals, minerals of the glory device ships were reduced. Furthermore, their IDs were swapped (PLIST2.1 update). Ship's crewmen were increased for three medium class warships (PLIST2.11 update). K'T'INGA_CB, B'REL_CB and C7_QAPLA'C see Romulan. Moreover, in our opinion the Klingon should keep his advantage of a strong ground attack (=> pconfig.src).

Orion (race 5):

The shiplist for the ACC ships is solved excellent by the original PLIST. However, Orion's GODFATHER_C, his strongest warship, was too expensive. Thus, the Orion player has no chance to survive without a strong ally. But sometimes a player wants to fight on his own, but he can't defend himself without a normal priced average warship (e.g. if the Romulan attacks). Furthermore, we gave him back a small carrier (BANSHEE_CB) and the gambling ship (ARIES_CG = Lady Royale). The VOGON obtained 2 additional beams being a good non-cloakable minesweeping ship now.

Borg (race 6):

Uhhh... what shall we change? Borg is one of the strongest races in PLIST. He can build both terraformers. There's no reason left to transport colonists from planets with bad temperature to another. Cubes were probably too cheap, therefore we adjusted the prices. Furthermore, the Leviathan was a bit useless - too expensive compared to the Annihilator. We decided to convert the Leviathan into another 6T/6B "Baby-"Cube, called RAVAGOR. All in all we don't like to weaken the Borg, because the race should still be one of the challenges of this game.

Tholian (race 7):

Comparing the PLIST1 and the standard shiplist, the Tholian has excellent warships now and can defend himself. However, web mines are swept away more easily, because most ships in space have more beams. Furthermore, torps were expensive in MCs. Therefore, it was quite difficult for the Tholian to catch especially heavy warships. We modified the torps prices. In order to prevent a running out of ammo we slightly increased the cargo room of Tholian's heavy ships. DIAMOND has 12 beams now and hull cost was reduced a bit. NEBULA_CLC see FED.

Imperial (race 8):

Similar to the Borg - very good shiplist. The SUPER_CLASS_STAR_D is the warship of choice (+50 kt of minerals), because it is stronger and cheaper than the most of the other heavy carriers. The DEATH_STAR_CC is very expensive, but it rules. Strength of IMPERIAL_CS and VICTORY was adjusted by varying the number of fighterbays and beams.

Cylon (race 9):

PLIST1: Expensive ships and not very strong. It was no longer the walkthrough_the_enemy_territory race. The Cylon and the Gorn were the looser of the original PLIST. Thus we decided to increase the mass and the power of the capital ships (DRAGON_CB, MANTICORE_CB, OGRE_CB). The GOBLIN_CB was too cheap for a 100% bioscanner! ALDERAAN_CD becomes an alternative stronger torpship.

Important: One of the Cylon's main characteristics is his lack of beams.

Additionally we developed a new kind of ship, which can act as a starbase. It is called the BASILISK_CLASS_STATION, having big mass/fuel tank/cargo room and an ANTICLOAKING device (when owned by the Cylon). But it is very expensive, has many engines and mediocre battle strength. As an attacking ship it is of limited use. Well, it's a station.

Rebel (race 10 or a):

The Rebel ship list misses a small cheap warship to defend himself. We improved the GALLOFREE_YC. Furthermore, the MON CALAMARI_CC obtained an additional fighterbay and beam, the REBEL_ASSAULT 5 additional beams, the ALDERAAN_CD more mass and cargo room, the BORALLUS_CL additional crew and the FALCON_CT a bigger fuel tank, but it is also more expensive in minerals. SAGITTARIUS has 110 kt mass now, surviving one minehit.

As a particular and special feature the Rebel can hyperjump with another ship, the CORELLIAN_CT for fast planet colonizations (more cargo room for the Falcon would be deadly, because of its minelaying ability), but not usable for RGA, if RGA without beams is forbidden.

Colonial (race 11 or b):

We don't know the reason why the BRam-ship (VIRGO/COBOL) had only one engine and can't tow anymore; perhaps because the number of engines of the ATLANTIA was reduced compared to the standard shiplist. In order to give back his old advantage of a never running out of fuel ship, which can tow freighters and heavy warships, we setup two engines again. Additionally, the TOPSID_CF and CAPRICORN_CD are a pretty good torpedoships now. The CARILLION_CLASS obtained 3 additional fighterbays. GALLOFREE_YC and BORALLUS see Rebel. ATLANTIA's mass has been increased.

As a particular and special feature the CARILLION_CLASS has a BRam now, too. If you like to use it, it is advisable to set the RamScoop at the pconfig.src on 1/LY!


For the specification of the shiplist PList 2.4 standard see the tables engines, beams, tubes & torps, hulls and custom hull functions.


The PLIST2.4 LITE is the low cost version of the PLIST2.4, whereas all features of the normal PLIST 2.4 are kept.

If you never played a PLIST2 game before or if you are still learning playing VGA Planets, the LITE version is the shiplist of choice for you.

LITE version characteristics

Hulls: Mineral and MC costs *1/2
Engines: Mineral costs *1/2; MC costs *2/3
Beams: MC costs *1/2, mineral costs *2/3
Tubes: MC costs *1/2, mineral costs *2/3
Torps: about *2/3

LITE version specification

For details see the tables PLIST 2.4 LITE engines, beams, tubes & torps and hulls.

>>HEAVY<< version characteristics

Hulls, carriers: Mineral costs *2.2, MC costs *2.5
Remaining hulls: Mineral and MC costs *2.0
Engines: Mineral costs *2.0; MC costs *2.0
Beams: Mineral and MC costs *2.0
Tubes: Mineral and MC costs *2.0; Torps: *1.5

>>HEAVY<< version specification

For details see the tables PLIST 2.4 >>HEAVY<< engines, beams, tubes & torps and hulls.

The PLIST2.4 >>HEAVY<< is the high cost version of the PLIST2.4 - hardly to guess. ;-) We gave our best to keep strength balance between all races.

Why that tough >>HEAVY<< version? Well, some guys asked for it. Please only use this >>HEAVY<< version,  if your players are very advanced in playing VGAP. Otherwise most of them will be victims not opponents. Could be frustrating. :-)


ONE to ONE Ship Combat PLIST 2.4 table: 11combat.html

Sequence of decreasing battle strength:
Exterminator/Death Star...
Atlantia, B11 WOQ'A, Godzilla (150%), Nova (+50kt)...
Mon Calamari, SuperClassStar, D'Deridex...
Godzilla (100%), Eliminator, DiamondFlame, Galaxy...
Basilisk_CS, Manticore, Carillion...

If you are using the Experience system of PHost4, please find the recommended settings at plist2_exp.html



PLIST 2.4:  plist24.zip - including pconfig.src for PHost4
PLIST 2.2:  plist22.zip
PLIST 2.12:  plist212.zip
PLIST 2.01:  plist2.zip

Installation: Possibility ONE. PLIST2.4 is your preferred shiplist

Copy the main VGAP directory to somewhere else and rename it (BACKUP). Now you can use the original main VGAP directory as dedicated directory for PLIST games. There you can overwrite all old *.dat-files with the new PLIST2.4 *.dat files now.

Installation: Possibility TWO. Playing only few PLIST2.4 games

Copy the PLIST2.4 *.dat files to the preferred VPWORKx-directory (x meaning the number of the gameslot, e.g. VPWORK1 means gameslot 1). The PLIST 2.4 shiplist with all its features is now available in games playing with directory VPWORKx.

If you copy additionally ship.exe (and rename it into ship1.exe) and the bmp subdirectory to this directory, you can view the new shiplist by starting ship1.exe.

If you don't like to use the custom hull functions features, don't copy the hullfunc.txt and hullfunc.dat to your subdirectory.



PLIST 2.4 is designed for normal rich universes. You can find an optimized AMaster v3.9 configuration file in the PLIST 2.4 distribution. You can get AMaster from http://phost.de/~vagabond/tools/#amaster.

PCONFIG.SRC (for PHost v3.2.3.4)

We adjusted also several pconfig.src parameters. For example we re-designed the combat settings, starbases should have NO tubes, a.s.o.
Please be aware of the fact, that many pconfig.src parameters of the PLIST 2.4 should never be changed!
You can find an overview of these parameters in pconfig.html. For more details please read our remarks in the section Hints for hosts.

PCONFIG.SRC (for PHost v4)

pconfig4.html - The adjusted pconfig.src for PHost4


A recommended addon is Explore Map v2.3. You can find an example configuration file in the ZIP archive PLIST24.zip.


PLIST 2.01 Corrected hullfunc.txt, improved pconfig.src.
PLIST 2.12 Pconfig combat settings have been changed:
FighterBeamExplosive = 9 (8)
FighterBeamKill = 9 (8)
BeamHitFighterCharge = 460 (500)
PLIST 2.2 Revision of certain ships of the PLIST 2.12. Include PLIST 2.2 LITE version.
PLIST 2.3 beta Revision of the Federation shiplist. NOVA has no cloaking device anymore; a new middle class cloaking warship (DEFIANT) was added.
PLIST 2.31 beta Small revision of certain ships.
PLIST 2.4 Major revision of the Borg shiplist and smaller adjustments of other ship designs. Include PLIST2 LITE & >>HEAVY<< version.
All revisions of PLIST 2.4 versus PLIST 2.2 are colored blue in the engines, beams, tubes & torps, hulls and custom hull functions tables.



PHost Portable Host, very flexible configuration, great alternative to Tim-Host.
old PLIST An alternative ship list that was specifically designed for PHOST and alternative combat. Crafted by Carsten Pinnow, Thomas Voigt, Steffen Pietsch, and Matt Mueller.
peng A portable clone of penguin v2.3, a tool for modifying shiplists.
bsim v2.2 A battle simulation program written by Thomas Voigt.
CCBSim A multi-ship battle simulator written by Stefan Reuther.
- PACT A battle simulator written by Jan 'Sirius' Klingele et. al. (Supported by e.g. EchoView.)
BMPs Picture collection for WinPlan which suits PList2. Put together by Thomas Klebes.



For any questions concerning the PLIST2 mail to the_vagabund@gmx.de

Last Modified: 26-May-2007