VGA Planets - Vagabunds Enhanced Shiplist And Combat (Configuration)

We call it: VESAC(C)

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In order to solve one of the most discussed problems of standard VGA-Planet a new and well-balanced battle setting for the pconfig was developed. VESAC(C) also include an improved standard shiplist the VESAC(C) ship list.
At last we decided to revise these list, the so called TLIST. The TLIST can be used for THost, standard PHost and the VESAC(C) battle setting.


Using the standard configurations, the following problems will occur:

1. Standard pconfig.src:

2. Alternative ship-combat:

3. Upgraded shiplist

There are some ship-types which are useless for any race. Some of these are upgraded by the add-on utility race+. But even then you will still wonder, who ever is going to build one of these ships.
Additionally, in our opinion, there are three races, Fascist, EE, CoM (only in this mode), which are weaker than the other eight ones are.

Our last coup is a total improved shiplist, which can be used for THost, PHost standard and the VESAC(C) setting. => TLIST (beta-Version)


A new battle configuration and hullspec.dat, called VESAC(C), has been developed and was tested by bsim-simulations.

Simulationtables for a ONE to ONE Ship Combat and DOWNLOAD

Setting Link to Simulation Table PHOST v2.13d PHOST v3.15/ 3.2
Standard Host/ Phost: Standard - -
VESAC(C) v1.1: VESAC(C) v1.1 p2v11.zip p3v11.zip
VESAC(C) v1.2A: VESAC(C) v1.2A p2v12a.zip p3v12a.zip
VESAC(C) v1.2A + TLIST VESAC(C) v1.2A + TLIST p2v12at.zip p3v12at.zip
VESAC(C) v1.2B: VESAC(C) v1.2B p2v12b.zip p3v12b.zip
VESAC(C) v1.2B + TLIST VESAC(C) v1.2B + TLIST p2v12bt.zip p3v12bt.zip

Simulations of the ship against planet-scenario, starbase- and multi-ship-scenario combats will follow.

Differences of the VESAC(C) Versions:

Because at the org. VESAC(C) setting some ships run out of ammo (e.g. Diamond Flame vs Madonnzila) the consumption on fighters and torpedos to destroy the same aim is reduced on 75% (v1.1) and 50% (v1.2) in comparison to the org. VESAC(C) v1.0 configuration. Or to put it another way, fighters and torpedos will do more damage now. The balance of the ship strength has not changed. We think this improvement was necessary.
The difference between the VESAC(C) v1.2A and v1.2B is that the worth of hightech beams are improved. That setting OPTIONAL! I prefer the A-version.


Fighter races are still stronger than torpedo races are (compare combat 4 vs 5 on the VESAC(C)-simtable). In contrast to the old pconfig, it is now advantageous to equip ships with good engines and beam weapons. It is favorable for fighter races to invest in expensive engines (combat => 6 vs 9; 13 vs 14) like transwarp drives. Further, high tech beam weapons rise the numbers of strikes against fighters (combat => 15 vs 16) or could be decisive on direct gunfire (combat => 1 vs 2; 10 vs 11).

In contradiction to reports by other VGAP-players, the race-number (which decides if your stands left or right in combat) is of no influence on the result of the battle (compare => 4 vs 5).

In dependence on the beam weapon tech, an average amount of twice as many torpedoes than fighters is needed.

bsim2.2 bug: FED has no additional fighterbays.

PHost configuration of VESAC(C):


AllowEngineShieldBonus = Yes
EngineShieldBonusRate = 33
AllowESBonusAgainstPlanets = Yes


in brackets v1.2B

BayRechargeRate = 42
BayRechargeBonus = 1
BeamRechargeRate = 4       (5)
BeamRechargeBonus = 4      (5)
TubeRechargeRate = 28
BeamHitFighterCharge = 280    (300)
BeamHitShipCharge = 600
TorpFiringRange = 35000
BeamFiringRange = 25000
TorpHitOdds = 66
BeamHitOdds = 70
BeamHitBonus = 12
StrikesPerFighter = 6
FighterKillOdds = 10
FighterBeamExplosive = 6
FighterBeamKill = 6
ShipMovementSpeed = 100
FighterMovementSpeed = 300
BayLaunchInterval = 2
MaxFightersLaunched = 20
AllowAlternativeCombat = Yes
StandoffDistance = 10000
PlanetsHaveTubes = No
FireOnAttackFighters = Yes
TorpHitBonus = 7
TubeRechargeBonus = 7
ShieldDamageScaling = 70
HullDamageScaling = 40
CrewKillScaling = 60

Links to the shiplists:

=> VESAC(C) shiplist

=> TLIST (beta-Version)


How could I install VESAC(C)

Our configuration is really easy to install:

Copy your PLAN directory and rename it. Now you got a NEW PLAN-directory and you can overwrite ALL the old *.dat-files with the files of our "VESAC(C) shiplist". A NEW PLAN is favourable to prevent loosing your standard ship list.
Another possibility is to copy ALL new VESAC(C) *.dat-files in the VPWORKx-directory (x meaning the number of the gameslot, e. g. VPWORK1 means gameslot 1); in which you want to play. All new ship features are now available in your VESAC(C) game. It's the same way like installing PList.
If you copy additional the ship.exe (rename it to ship1.exe) and the bmp subdirectory in this directory, you can watch the new shiplist by starting ship1.exe.

The running Host uses the enhanced combat parameters + engine shield bonus at pconfig. All remaining settings are free of choice.

The new Phost 3 and other add-ons, like race+, starbase+, pwrap, explore map, tachyon a.s.o., don't make any problems.

For remarks and discussions concerning the remaining pconfig-parameters have a look on our site: Hints for Hosts


PHost portable Host, very flexible in parameters, great alternative to Tim-Host
EchoView Homepage Echoview is a player utility, it is a starchart and database program with lots of in-built utilities
penguin tool for changing hullspec.dat, engine.dat a.s.o.
bsim v2.2 simulation program for battles
ccbsim simulation program for battles
Ghost automated Host, use VESAC(C) at game "Blinder"
Spocks Homepage private Host, use VESAC(C), too

For any questions concerning

VESAC(C) combat configuration ask Degi
VESAC(C) shiplist ask Degi and Peter
TLIST shiplist ask Degi


Mail to: the_vagabund@gmx.de


  Last Modified: 10-Jul-2005