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In our point of view the original standard shiplist (TimHost) has two major disadvantages:

The TLIST is a slightly modified original shiplist. Only worthless or weak ships have been changed in order to balance the shiplist of each races in dependence on its race advantage on the one hand, and to give each ship a special intention.

TLIST v1.1 is currently the actual version.

Introduction / Discussion

Tims standard shiplist (Tim's Site) has been developed for Host v3.x. Currently, it's the most frequently used shiplist vor VGAP games.
However, having a detailed look on it and taking in consideration race advantages, race-typical tactics and true battlepower, the shiplist is unbalanced. Many long discussions has been made on that topic. Common opinions/ suggestions of THost hardliners are

Maybe they are right, but IMHO they aren't.

It is wellknown, that a rare mineral universe increases the luck factor of a game. The strength of some races depend significantly on the mineral amount (Fighterraces), others like Borg and Privateer haven't a problem with a rare universe. Typically, most offered games - especially using the standard setting, when huge meteors are allowed - aren't rare in minerals at all.
An 50% ESB strengths mainly the FED, because his Kitty gains a mass over 320kt. On the other side Birdmen, Fascist and Crystal loose much of their battle strength. For example they need 3 or more of their best ships to kill a Biocide Carrier.
Some guys introduce me, they offer 2 or 3 free fighters for Fascist and Birdmen (sometimes Birdmen also obtains a higher GroundAttack) - but in my opinion these gifts demonstrate only, that these races are too weak. Furthermore, neither Birdmen nor Fascist have a worthy Fightercarrier to utilize the free fighter gift.

Another big disadvantage of Tim's original shiplist is, that a lot of ships (at least 50%) aren't worth to build. Why do Tim offer shiplists with 15-20 different ship types, if a good player never would build most of them?

Aim of our work was to balance the original shiplist (based on the standard hconfig settings) and to to give each ship a special intention to be worth to be build. The resulted TLIST1.1 now, can be used for TimHost and PHost standard recommending an ESB of 20%. Consequently for perfectionists we also improved the PHost combat settings. This alternative combat setting combined with TLIST1.1 is called VESAC(C) (Vagabunds Enhanced Shiplist And Combat Configuration).

What we did

Our idea was to develop an universal shiplist, which can used for THost, PHost standard, VESAC(C) or altenative PHost ship combat 2.

A hard condition. ;)

First step was: We informed us, did a lot of discussions and played in several of these games (Thost/Phost).

Then, we checked each ship on following rules:

No changes on any worthy battleships or ships with a special feature, because players won't accept that.
(One exception: VictoriousClass obtained two additional tubes.)

No changes on heavy fightercarrier, because they are ruling especially fighterraces strength.
(One exception: Virgo mass + 40kt, which makes luckly nearly no difference in THost / (P)Host standard battle setting).

Only worthless or weak ships were improved, in order to balance the shiplist of each races in dependence on its race advantage on the one hand, and to give each ship a special intention.

Important improvements are:  >>>> Still under construction <<<<


PHost - standard setting



Differences TLIST v1.1 versus Tim's original standard shiplist =>  hulls_T11-org-Table
Differences TLIST v1.1 versus TLIST v1.01 shiplist =>  hulls_T11-T101-Table


TLIST v1.00 beta-Version 1/99
TLIST v1.01 small update 5/00
TLIST v1.1 revision by Degi, Thomas Klebes and Matthias Gietl 11/01

How to install the TLIST

Our configuration is really easy to install:

Copy your PLAN directory and rename it. Now you got a NEW PLAN-directory and you can overwrite ALL the old *.dat-files with the files of the TLIST files. A NEW PLAN is favourable to prevent loosing your standard ship list.
Another possibility is to copy ALL new TLIST dat-files in the VPWORKx-directory (x meaning the number of the gameslot, e. g. VPWORK1 means gameslot 1); in which you want to play. All new ship features are now available in your TLIST game.
If you copy additional the ship.exe (rename it to ship1.exe) and the bmp subdirectory in this directory, you can watch the new shiplist by starting ship1.exe.
If you don't like to use the hullfunc features, don't copy the hullfunc.txt in your subdirectory.

TLIST Update chronology

v1.01 5/00 Banshee 10 beams, 1 tube, 60 cargo;  Iron Slave +1 fighterbay;   correct Saurian picture
v1.1 11/01 general revision / see hulls_T11-T101-Table


-   PHost portable Host, very flexible in parameters, great alternative to Tim-Host
-   Tim's Site TimHost
-   penguin tool for changing hullspec.dat, engine.dat   a.s.o.
-   bsim v2.2 simulation program for battles



Thanks to Matthias Gietl for his critical discussion.



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