PHOST v4 for SPARC Solaris 2.6; registered VGAP version

Schedule: twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday at 06:00 CET

Shiplist: PLIST 3.0

Winning condition: Holding 160 planets for 10 consecutive turns.

Universe: alternative wraparound 2000x2000 map, normal rare universe, homeworlds picked by AMaster

Game Status: Blutmagie Autohost




1. Forgotten Sorrow (Player 5)   *** Congratulations! ***
2. The Cylons (Player 9)
3. The Tholians (Player 7)



- explore map
- checkvic                report the number of controlled planets, if a player owns more than 40 (33%).

Important settings:

  • anonymous game
- players and races kept anonymous
  • no messages      
- also communication by ship names is not allowed 
  • no communication via mail      
- please play fair. Don't violent this rule.
  • no kind of exchange is allowed
- no exchange of ships, goods (fighter, money ...), race abilities (e.g. Hssss, RGA, DarkSense) and planets/ SBs
- no exchange of rst's, evport.dats a.s.o.
- no exchange of minefield codes
  • no alliances at all
- each player plays completely on his own. Coordination is not allowed.
  • no remote control
  • pwrap on
  • no score                     
- individual message about the ranking position every 5th turn
  • planets have no tubes

Game data for download (zip achive): 


Race distribution

Each player sends a top-down ranking of his preferred races.
Therefore, sort *all* race ids and send us the result. Put most wanted ID at first position.

Example: 4 3 2 1 8 7 6 5 9 10 11

(The Klingons (id 4) is the most wanted race.)

Races are distributed by the program Choose.


Starting ships

Each player received 2 Foundation equipped with Bistromatics


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  Last Modified: 05-Apr-2009