PHOST v4 for SPARC Solaris 2.6; registered VGAP version

Schedule: twice a week, Thursday and Sunday at 05:00 UTC

Shiplist: PLIST2.4

Universe: alternative wraparound 2000x2000 map, normal rich universe, homeworlds picked by AMaster

Winning conditions: Owning 120 planets for 5 consecutive turns.


The game has been stopped after 126 turns without a winner. Several races (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7) still had good prespective to win this game.

Final game results: Blutmagie Autohost



- explore map
- checkvic                report the number of controlled planets, if a player owns more than 40 (33%).

Important setting changes:

no alliances - each player plays on his own. Please, do not team up with other races.
no remote control
pwrap on
PBP system   
no score                      - individual message about the ranking position every 5th turn
planets have no tubes
no exchange of rsts, evport.dats aso.
trading ships >400 kt mass and Buccies is forbidden


zipped GAME datas for download: 


Race distribution

Each player sends a top-down ranking of his preferred races.
Therefore, sort *all* race ids and send us the result. Put most wanted id at first position.

Example: 4 3 2 1 8 7 6 5 9 10 11

(The Klingons (id 4) is the most wanted race.)

Races are distributed by the program Choose.
Each player starts with 2 Foundation freighters (Improbatibility drive)





(most wanted)

Markus Krings 1 2
Michal Walach 2 1
Bartek Filek 3 2
Carsten Krenz 4 2
Matthias Jacobi 5 2
Tomek Gorczyca 6 1
Harm Abbenseth 7 2
Robert Schaumburg 8 1
Holger Bauer 9 1
Dmitriy Romanov 10 4
Peter Scholz 11 1




Regarding the rules
Degis email, Date sent: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 23:31:27 +0100


Here we are.

1. no alliances at all
2. trading of ships over 400 kt hullmass and Buccaneer Class Speedboats is forbidden
3. no exchange of rsts, evport.dats and so on

We change following rules. Now forbidden is
4. to hand over planets and bases to other races
5. the exchange of race abilities (RGA, Refit, Assimilation, Hiss, webs, chunnel, etc.)
6. the exchange of minefield codes

Still allowed is
- communication via messages and emails
- limited NAPs (20 turns or max. 100 planets)

In order to refix the non-alliance rule.
- each player plays on its own
- each player has 10 opponents (7 left).
- each player tries to win this game
- each player doesn't tolerate foreign races in his area
- ship trades must be done within a few turns
- no jointly attack/defend on/by third parties. Attack opponents and defend your empire by your own fleets !!!!!

Again, please keep in mind:
There is only ONE player who can win Predator.
Which means, if race X reaches e.g. 100 planets border or becomes too strong, attack him. That's obligatory for all races!

Finally I like to reset diplomacy.
I know lots of discussions, concepts of the enemy and gaming on the edge of legality has happened in this game.
Please try to leave all these things behind you and restart diplomacy with your neighbours from the scratch on a neutral and polite base.

Keep in mind, Predator is only a game.

Play fair.




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