Pconfig.src for PHost 3.2x:


(* = own experiences, # = comment, ! = important)




CPEnableAllies = Yes/No

* If alliances are allowed, often big teams are building and ship swapping is much easier. In games with a defined aim (only one player wins) it is often favorable to forbid alliances.



CPEnableRemote = NO                     Important for beginner games!

!!!* This option should be set on NO! or give your players the hint to set "remote forbid default" asap by an interne message.
If remote control is enabled an ally could do unfair moves. E.g. if you and somebody else have a ship alliance and you forgot to forbid your ships, your ally can remote control your ships and set them on "Colonize" mission. There is nothing, really nothing you can do to prevent it. All missions kept active although you break the alliance just in this turn. Another unfair move (I mentoned it twice in a game) is, if a +s ally drops a game, you can remote control his ships and give them to yourself by the FC "gsx" to an own ship at the same position. E.g. for races with hyperjumping ships take it only a few turns to plunder nearly the whole allied race. Thus "Enabled Remote" is a big risk for all players, especially to beginners, who don't know something about this option. Enabled Remote could be fatal.



AllowShipCloning = No

It is desirable everybody can trade ships without being afraid, that an opponents could clone it several times. Another possibility is to increase the cloning cost on 300 - 400% or exspecially for phost3 games surpress the PBx FC on planets by the addon pbp.exe.  


AllowWraparoundMap = Yes

* For a good game the WarparoundMap or the add-on "sphere" is a great option. All players have more neighbors and thus have to defend a longer border. Furthermore, players have more possibilities for choosing an opponent. If you use Echoview (Links) you can fly and hyper jump exactly over the edge without any problems. # In my opinion you have to use it for a good game. 



AllowBeamUpClans = Yes
AllowBeamUpMultiple = Yes

# Use it or some extended missions are worthless.



AllowNoFuelMovement = No

The entry "Yes" would mean, that e.g. the Crystal can hardly catch lite ships e.g. gravitonic accelerated ships. They can escape flying without fuel.



UseAccurateFuelModel = Yes

# It is more realistic. The mass of a ship should be considered in the calculation over the whole flight.



AllowOneEngineTowing = No

# It's more realistic, too. Or do you favor a falcon which can tow a GorbieClassCarrier?



AllowAlternativeTowing= No for the standard list
  Yes for the PLIST

! It's a complicated discussion. => LATER



AlternativeAntiCloak = Yes

! Means, your cloaking ships are immun to be decloaked by your own Loki, but they are NOT immun to be decloaked by a foreign one - or you must have an AntiCloakImmunity.



AntiCloakImmunity = Yes/No,Yes/No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No

! The AntiCloakImmunity for Birdmen/ Romulan is not neccesary in the standard list or PLIST. This race is strong enough, if somebody knows how to play it. *# In our games ANY races have this Immunity. Thus a FED and Lizard have to be careful with dealing on Lokis.



SpyDetectionChance = 10

* IMHO, it should be easier for the Birdmen to do a SuperSpy as to be detected by a well defenced planet.



CumulativePillaging = Yes

* This is one of the real advantages of the fascist. Without it the Fascist would become too weak in the standard list, NOT in the PLIST.



RobFailtureOdds = 5

* There should be a higher risk for the privateer to rob a ship. Privateer is strong enough.



AllowPrivateerTowCapture = Yes
AllowCrystalTowCapture = Yes

# I saw some games this option was set on No. This makes no sense or these races have to tow all the caught ships through their area to the next starbase. This is especially problematic for the crystals. They need a longer time and a lot of fuel to get their ships. Furthermore, it becomes nearly impossible to catch ships in a foreign area.



AllowAlliedChunneling = Yes

# Yes. It's a good option.



AllowWebMines = Yes

!!! Never set this option on NO in a standard game. I mentioned this in a game. A Crystal without webs - puh - nobody would play him successful. It's a RACE ABILITY!



DarkSenseRange = 150-200

# DarkSense should have nearly the same range as SensorSweep. DarkSense isn't as strong as many people recomment.



RGANeedsBeams = Yes

! RGA and Immunity on planet attacks is a strong ability for the rebels. To allow RGA by freigthers makes the rebel too strong. 



RamScoopFuelPerLY = 1 for standard PHost battle setting
  2 for VESAC(C)
  1 for PLIST2


Being independent on Neutronium resources is the big advantage of the CoM. However, using the standard PHost battle setting the Virgos are incredible strong. Here, it is favorable to reduce the RamScoop on 1 kt N / LY.
! If you use our PLIST2 and the hullfunc.txt (Carillion have a RamScoop), the RamScoop have to set on 1 or Carillion becomes too strong.)



AllowPlanetAttacks = Yes
PlanetsAttackRebels = No
PlanetsAttackKlingons = No

! This setting is desirable, so there really no advantages for Rebel and Klingon. E.g. nobody would dare a RGA mission with a weak ship e. g. a Falcon Class Escort.



AllowEatingSupplies = No

BUG! (maybe it is fixed now). Using the entry "Yes" would mean, that natives are eating 1 supply, but are still starving, regardless how many supplies lying on the planets surface.

# Use instead:

ClimateDeathRate = 3



TransuraniumDecayRate = 5
StructureDecayPerTurn = 5

A TransuraniumDecayRate means in dependence of your mining rate new minerals will arise/ turn. Maximum is 5 kt. IMO a good option, especially for Neutronium. By a StructureDecayPerTurn of 5 a planet will loose 5 mines, 5 factories and 5 defences/ turn, if too less colonists are living on it. Now it isn't as easy to mine a cold or hot planet by building up a lot of mines without clans on the surface. 



MaxPlanetaryIncome = 5000 or more

!! The race advantage of some races (FED, Liz, Borg) is nearly neutralized by setting a low income limit of e.g. 3000 mc - especially for the PLIST.



FreeFighters = 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,15,0,0,0

*# 10 - 20 free fighter for the Evil Empire is advisable and fair. One free fighter for the torpedo races (1-7) can be given, too.



PlanetsHaveTubes = 
PlanetaryTorpsPerTube =
for the standard list
for the PLIST

 parameter is in the combat settings

* No planetary tubes allow heavy battle ships to attack stronghold planets and starbases. Important thing. After all ships are built every race is going on to construct lots of starbases and nobody wants to attack his neighbor, because always loosing at least one ship against a strong starbase. Consequently the game will stagnate and become boring.
If you use our alternative PAL system tubes can be allowed, because a fight is been honorated sufficiently.

Using PLIST almost all races have a heavy battle ship which can kill a starbase with tubes without loosing the ship. Thus, tubes can be allowed. Torps have be built and paid by the starbase owner.



MaximumMinefieldRadius = 150 for the standard list
  200 for the PLIST

!! A minefield radius of 150 for the standard shiplist (maximum 10 beams) is fine. More isn't advisable, because a 150 LY minefield means 22500 mines. Therefore, you  need 56 Heavy Phaser to sweep a normal and 75 Heavy Phaser a web minefield in one turn! That's really enough! For the PLIST (maximum 20 beams) minefields of 200 LY (40000 mines) is sufficient.



UnitsPerTorpRate = 100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,400,100,100

*#! I saw games, players could increase their UnitsPerTorpRate by "mutation points" o.s.e.. This makes no sense! An UnitPerTorpRate of 4 is the ONLY big advantage for the robots. Don't change these proportions. And never increase the UnitPerTorpRate of the robots. It is a bomb.



AllowMinesDestroyMines = Yes

! The entry "Yes" is very important, too. There is nothing more horrible, than an universe full of minefields.
Nobody will attack its neighbour, if there are big minefields lying on the borderline of two races. Some people argue, this setting is a big race-advantage for the robot. But I think, they never played in a totally mined universe. This really sucks.



AllowMinesDestroyWebs = No

! There are some VGAP-volunteers in the IN, who allow mines destroy web mines. This is unskilful. Web mines is the one and the only race advantage of the Crystalline. Without it the Crystal is defenseless.



MineHitOdds = 1

*#! The basic chance of 1% / LY to get a normal mine hit is pretty good. Raising it would strength the Robot and rich races, like Fed, Liz and Reb. Cloaking races doing hard to enter mined space without any minehit.


MineSweepRate = 4

# Don't reduce this value in phost games, due to the different sweeping procedure to THost. In phost all ships are sweeping in dependence on their ship ID. If one of the the sweeping ships get outside the minefiled during this sweeping procedure it won't sweep the minefield, although it was in the minefield at the beginning. Thus it becomes very hard to sweep minefields totally. The value of 4 means you need about 56 Heavy Phaser near the centre of a 150 minefield to sweep it in one turn. Puh, its much easier to lay down an own counter minefield. However, there are some races they don't have torpedo ships with a big cargo rooms must use their mine sweep abilities.


WebMineSweepRate = 3

#! Same reason. Here you need 75 Heavy Phaser to sweep a 150 LY web mine field. If a crystal has a good economy it is nearly impossible to kill him (or you need incredible much time.)
In PLIST most ships have more and cheaper beams, thus the crystal web becomes more a tactical ability. Having good capital ships equal this disadvantage. Thus, never reduce the WebMineSweepRate in phost games. NEVER!


WebMineSweepRange = WebMineDecayRate or more

!! Due to a diffrent hosting sequence of phost compared to THost, minefield decay is at the beginning of the minefield operations. Means, a ship which like to sweep a web minefield has to fly about 5 LY inside a web mine field (without any minehit!), if the WebMineSweepRange is 0 to get teh possibility to sweep the web. => Strange!
To fix this bug use at least the WebMineDecayRate as range.


* Suggestions for the other minefield values:

MineOddsWarpBonusX100 = 0-4
MineTravelSafeWarp = 0-3
MineHitDamageFor100KT = 100
MineDecayRate = 3-5
MineSweepRange = 3-10

WebMineHitOdds = 5
WebMineOddsWarpBonusX100 = 0-4
WebMineTravelSafeWarp = 0-3
WebMineDecayRate = 3-5
WebHitDamageFor100KT = 10
WebDrainFuelLoss = 25


AllowColoniesSweepWebs = No

# No! Colonies is strong enough at the PHost standard setting.


RandomMeteorRate = 2
MeteorShowerOdds = 2
MeteorShowerOreRanges = 10,10,10,10,200,200,200,200
LargeMeteorsImpacting = 0
LargeMeteorOreRanges = 100,100,100,100,10000,9000,9000,7000
AllowMeteorMessages = Yes

# Small meteors are nice ore gifts without damaging your planet. A little chance of a big meteor makes fun, in rare ore universes sometimes a reason to begin a war.
! If RandomMeteorRate = 2 and LargeMeteorsImpacting = 0, there is a possiblity of 2% per turn a large meteor is impacing, means in average every 50th turn.


CloakFailureRate = 1

*#! a cloak failture rate of 1% is favorable. Cloaking races can't weigh in sureness all the time to be unseen. Furthermore, there is a small chance to loose a "cloaked" ship by orbiting a foreign planet. A privateer have to be a bit more careful ;).



RobCloakedShips = No
RobCloakedChance = 0

!! The Privateer wins 80% of all standard (not PLIST) games. If it can rob cloaked ships, Priv wins more. IMHO, the Lizard must still be its dreaded opponent using Lokis and cloaked ships.



MineHitOddsWhenCloakedX10 = 5

The chance of a mine hit is reduced by this value multiplicated by 10 in percent (standard is 50%). This is feature is favorable.



CloakMineOddsWarpBonusX100 = 3

# Nice feature. Reducing the warp speed by crossing a foreign minefield, the chance of a mine hit is reduced. Use it.



CloakedMineTravelSafeWarp = 0-3

It is possible to set another save warp travel especially for cloaked ships. Don't set it to high or cloaked ships can sneak too easy through minefields, loosing their functions.



DamageLevelForCloakFail = 21

After a mine hit a DarkWing should still be able to cloak.



AllowCloakedShipsAttack = Yes

!! or the cloaking races haven't any chance to win. No means, you have to decloak one turn, before you could attack your opponent.




Wormholes are a very good feature to connect races who aren't neighbors. But it isn't as easy as it seems be, to set good ones. Here some short rules:



GroundKillFactor = 1,30,1,15,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
GroundDefenseFactor = 1,10,1,5,1,1,1,1,1,1,1

! This ability makes Lizard and Klingon strong. No other race should get it - also not the Birdmen. Don't change it.



AllowEngineShieldBonus = Yes

! An ESB benefit players who are investing in good engines. Especially fighter races often build up carriers with low tech engines, because of the big number of engines they need. If there is an ESB, they are forces to invest in enginesor their ships become weaker.



EngineShieldBonusRate = 20-33

! An ESB of 20-33% (means 60 - 100 kt on shields at the standard list) motivate fighter races to invest in good engines, but don't benefit smaller ships to much.



AllowESBonusAgainstPlanets = Yes

! Yes, if tubes are allowed on planets.



AllowInterceptAttack = Yes

!! Very important for the cloaking races, e.g. to destroy a Loki.  





Here have a look on our VESAC(C) or PLIST2 site





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