PHOST- for SPARC Solaris 2.6; registered VGAP version

Schedule: twice a week, Thursday and Sunday at 05:00 UTC

Ship list: PLIST2.31b

Winning conditions: Owning 120 planets for 3 consecutive turns.


... and the winner is: Kuba Jamrozik, KLINGON    Congratulations!
2. Tholian
3. Cylon (both very close, did a pretty good job)
4. Rebel (played very strong, strongest race)

Universe: alternative wraparound 2000x2000 map, normal rich universe, homeworlds picked by AMaster

Game Status: Blutmagie Autohost



- explore map
- checkvic                report the number of controlled planets, if a player owns more than 40 (33%).
- pfcx.exe    ;            => PAL/ PBP system    

alternative 2000x2000 LY map. HWs are distributed by AMaster.

Important setting changes:


no alliances at all - each player has to play completely on his own. Coordination is not allowed.
no remote control
pwrap on
PBP system   
no score                      - individual message about the ranking position every 5th turn
planets have no tubes
no messages       - communication is allowed only by ship names.
no kind of trade is allowed - ship exchange, goods exchange (fighter, money ...) and race abilities exchange (e.g. Hssss, RGA, Offering SuperSpy, DarkSense Infos)  and SB swaps are not allowed


zipped GAME datas for download: 

List of interested REVENGER players:



Player Email addresse
8 Thomas Voigt
1 Matthias Jacobi
5 Oliver Korn
7 Peter Scholz
2 Andreas Vieweg
3 Andreas Ring
6 Lev Zakrevski
9 Patrick de Groot
10 Daniel Bruedigam
11 Thorsten Korsch
4 Kuba Jamrozik


Race distribution/ auction system:

Description: Value of the starting ships in points:

- 1 point: (enerpsi drives, phaser)
Miranda, Oberth, Falcon without tube, Archaeopterix

- 2 points: (enerpsi drives, phaser, graviton bombs)
Virgo, B'Rel, Menhunter, Penguin, robotic bioscanner, Falcon with tube

- 3 points: (enerpsi drives, phaser, graviton bombs)
Constitution, Corsair

!! The Federation (race 1) has to pay one additional point per ship.
Borg (race 6) and Empire (race 8) pay 4 points for a ConstitutionClass



Round 1:
A player can send me one desired race.
- If a race is wanted by only one player, this player will obtain it and 2 points. Distributed races are not longer available in the next round(s) and for the players who get their race the distribution is over after they have chosen their starting ship(s) for 2 points.
- If a race isn't chosen or race cchoices overlap, then these races remain open. Now I disclose a distribution statistics.

Round 2: Same procedure. (No statistics)

Round 3-6: Auction system.
The auction lasts four further rounds.
In round 3 every player gets 2 points, in round four 3, in round five 4 and in round six 5 points. In round six you obtain an extra point, if you choose only two ships.
In every round you can send me your race choiceS (also more than one) or wait for the next round(s) (and more points). After each round I'll distribute the desired races. In case of multiple choices the players can come to terms or I use a die.
Distributed races aren't available anymore next round(s) and for the player who gets his race the auction is finished after he has chosen his starting ship(s) according to the points he could spend.

Maximum number of free ships is three. Races with less than 3 ships obtain Sirius freighters (enerpsi drive) until each race has 3 starting ships.

!! A player who waits until round 4 will *not* obtain 5 points. The points will *not* run up. !!

Example: player v,w,x,y,z

Round 1 (2 points)
Choice: v: 3 w: - x: 8 y: 3 z:
- => player x obtains race 8 - his "auction" is over. Race 8 is not longer available. Race 3 remains available.
Offered statistics: 1: 0/ 2: 0/ 3: 2/ 4: 0/ 5: 0/ 6: 0/ 7: 0/ 8: 1/ 9: 0/ 10: 0/ 11:0

Round 2 (2 points)
dito (no statistics)

Round 3 (2 points)
Choice: v: 1,3 w: - y: 3 z: 5
=> player z obtains race 8, player v race 1, player y race 3
Races 1,3,5,8 are not longer available.

Round 4 (3 points)
Player w can wait or choose open races. aso.

After auction
- player/ race distribution stay secret
- race/ starting ships are laid oppen


Result of the distribution:


Points Starting ships
1 2 Achrae, Sirius, Sirius
2 2 Falcon (no tube), Oberth, Sirius
3 2 Falcon (no tube), Falcon (no tube), Sirius
4 2 Miranda, Oberth, Sirius
5 2 Miranda, Oberth, Sirius
6 6 Constitution, Menhunter, Sirius
7 5 Miranda, Corsair, Wayland
8 2 Miranda, Oberth, Sirius
9 4 Oberth, Archae, B'rel
10 4 Miranda, Constitution, Sirius
11 2 Menhunter, Sirius, Sirius


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