PHOST-3.4a for SPARC Solaris 2.6; registered VGAP version

Schedule: twice a week, Tuesday and Saturday morning at 04:00 UTC

Ship list: PLIST2.4 rc1

Winning conditions: Hold 125 planets for 6 consecutive turns

Universe: alternative wraparound 2000x2000 map, normal rich universe, homeworlds picked by AMaster


1. Borg (congratulations!)
2. Tholians
3. Romulans

Final game status and statistics: Blutmagie autohost



- explore map
- checkvic

alternative 2000x2000 LY map. HWs will be distributed by AMaster.

Important pconfig.src changes:


zipped GAME datas for download: 

HIRUBIA players:

Race Player Email address
1 Peter Scholz
2 Thomas Schied
3 Patrick Renner
4 Bartek Filek
5 Przemyslaw Witkowski
6 Robert Schaumburg
7 Markus Krings
8 Matthias Reitz
9 Jens Roos
10 Carsten Krenz
11 Gunter Schaumburg


For general comments mail to:


  Last Modified: 19-Aug-2003