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FIGHTCLUB runs twice a week, wednesday and sunday morning (CET).

Shiplist: PLIST 2.31b

Winning conditions: Owning 125 planets for 3 consecutive turns.

Winner: Evil Empire (Congratulations!)
2. Federation (very close, did also a pretty good job)
3. Klingon


Game Status: Blutmagie Autohost


- explore map
- checkvic
- pfcx.exe    ;            => PAL/ PBP system    
- pqboost

alternative 2000x2000 LY map. HWs are handpicked.

Important pconfig.src changes:

The races were distributed by an auction system (see below).


zipped GAME datas for download: 

List of FIGHTCLUB players:

1 - Hartmut Lipp
2 - Stefan Glasauer
3 - Matthias Jacobi
4 - Oliver Korn
5 - Heiko Schlenker
6 - Thomas Walth
7 - Thomas Klebes
8 - Peter Scholz
9 - Andreas Ring
A - Stefan Wiese St.Wiese@TU-BS.DE
B - Fredy Walth

The auction system

- You could "buy" your favourite race and starting ships.
- During the game ship trades are *disallowed*.
- Communication is allowed only byy ship nammes.


Description: Value of the starting ships in points:

- 1 point: (enerpsi drives, phaser)
Miranda, Oberth, Falcon without tube, Archaeopterix

- 2 points: (enerpsi drives, phaser, graviton bombs)
Virgo, B'Rel, Menhunter, Penguin, robotic bioscanner, Falcon with tube

- 3 points: (enerpsi drives, phaser, graviton bombs)
Constitution, Corsair

(The Federation (race 1) has to pay one additional point per ship.)

Auction rules:
The auction lasts four rounds. In round one every player gets 2 points, in round two 3, in round three 4 and in round four 5 points. In round four you get an extra point if you choose only two ships.

So, in every round you could send me your race choices or wait for the next round(s) (and more points). After each round I'll distribute the desired races. In case of multiple choices the players could come to terms or I use a dice. The distributed races are not available in the next round(s) and for the player who gets his race the auction is finished after he has choosen his starting ship(s) according to the points he could spend.
By the way, a player who waits for e.g. round two will *not* get 5 points. The points will *not* run up.

round one, 2 points
player x would like to play race 3
player y waits for more points
player z would like to play race 1, 3 or 4
=> distribution:
- player x gets race 3 and could bbuy ships for 2 points
- player z gets race 1 or 4 (he iss allowed to make his choice) and could buy ships for 2 points (attention, the Federation have to pay more)
- player y joins round two
- The races 3 and 1 or 4 are not aavailable in the next rounds and for players x and z the auction is finished.


Maximum number of free ships is three. Races with less than 3 ships obtain Sirius freighter until each race has 3 starting ships.


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  Last Modified: 29-July-2001