PHOST- for SPARC Solaris 2.6; registered VGAP version

Schedule: twice a week, Thursday and Sunday at 05:00 UTC

Ship list: PLIST2.31b

Winning conditions: Owning 120 planets for 6 consecutive turns.


... and the winners are: Andre Ilausky, Federation  and  Stefan Glasauer, Tholian     Congratulations!

3. Thomas Klebes, Cylon   (played very strong, strongest race)


Universe: alternative wraparound 2000x2000 map, normal rich universe, homeworlds picked by AMaster

Game Status: Blutmagie Autohost



- explore map
- checkvic
- pfcx.exe    ;            => PAL/ PBP system    

alternative 2000x2000 LY map. HWs will be distributed by AMaster.

Important pconfig.src changes:


zipped GAME datas for download: 

ENIGMA players:

Race Player Email addresse
1 Andre Ilausky
2 Jens Fuhrberg
3 Thomas Zintel
4 Basilhs Triadafillhs
5 Peter Eberle / Peter Scholz
6 Thomas Schied
7 Stefan Glasauer
8 Olaf Selke
9 Thomas Klebes
10 Matthias Gietl
11 Marco Strutz


For general comments mail to:


  Last Modified: 30-Mar-2003