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Welcome to PHost, the portable VGA Planets 3.x host.

Currently, there are two main lines of PHost development. PHost 4.x is the new stable version. You should use that if you can. Work continues to improve and expand it. PHost 3.x is the old stable version. We provide it to support people who have running 3.x games, or cannot upgrade for another reason. For a more detailed description, see the "readme" file.

Latest Versions


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Added Linux/x64 build of PHost 4.1h. Normally, the 32-bit version should run on 64-bit Linux. However, it might fail in virtualized or containerized environments. If you get "The game directory does not exist or does not have read and write permissions" or "The above program returned with a value of -1", using this build should fix it.
The Vagabond, home of PList and VPI and thus a valuable resource for PHost players, has moved to http://phost.de/~vagabond/.
PHost 4.1h released. This fixes a bug with the refit command (no change to the 3.x line).
[Download 4.1h] [Changes 4.1h]
[Download 3.5g] [Changes 3.5g]
Added Linux/ARMv6 build of PHost 4.1g and 3.5g. This build runs on the Raspberry Pi.
PHost 4.1g/3.5g released. Again it brings small updates, new configuration options, and documentation updates fixes.
[Download 4.1g] [Download 3.5g]
PHost 4.1f/3.5f released. A few small updates, including new configuration options for 4.1f, documentation updates, and minor rule fixes.
[Download 4.1f] [Download 3.5f]
PHost 4.1e/3.5e released. 4.1e raises the limit on level-restricted ship functions. Both lines include new config options and bugfixes. In addition, PHost now generates new failure reports to help you debugging your turns.
[Download 4.1e] [Download 3.5e]
PHost 4.1c/3.5c released. It includes a few new config options plus several important bugfixes. Everyone is recommended to update.
[Download 4.1c] [Download 3.5c]
PHost 4.1a/3.5a released. This release is 99% bugfixes which should make PHost much more robust. It closes many theoretical and not-so-theoretical problems, including the ugly language problem 4.1 was having.
[Download 4.1a] [Download 3.5a]
PHost 4.1/3.5 released. This marks the end of the 4.x beta cycle. Many options were arrayized, internal language infrastructure rewritten. The version 4.1 formulas document got improved a lot, too.
[Download 4.1] [Download 3.5]
4.0k may crash on some universes with less than 500 planets. Here's a fix.
PHost 3.4m/4.0k released. PHost 4 now has configurable starbase and fighter costs. Both versions have several fixes. This version is accompanied by a new version of PVCR, version 4.0k(2).
[Download 4.0k] [Download 3.4m]
PHost is now available for BeOS on x86. Thanks to Alexey Veselovsky for doing the port.
[Download 4.0j] [Download 3.4l]
PHost is now available for MacOS X (PowerPC platform). Kudos to Ian Adams for lending me an account to do the port. Note that PHost still is a command-line application, even on Apple hardware.
[Download 4.0j] [Download 3.4l]
Released PVCR 4.0k, see download page. This fixes a bug, and makes it more robust with certain ship lists.
Added statistics page. Have fun.
PHost 3.4l/4.0j released. PHost 4 now does Ion Storms, the last major HOST feature that was missing. In addition, many fixes.
[Download 4.0j] [Download 3.4l]
Added Linux/PPC versions of current PHost. Added separately-downloadable mission.ini into download section.
PHost 3.4k/4.0i released. New hull functions in version 4, new combination rules, and or course some fixes. Experimental RSS feed.
[Download 4.0i] [Download 3.4k]
PHost 3.4j/4.0h released. New commands for version 4, and some fixes. And German docs.
[Download 4.0h] [Download 3.4j]
PHost 3.4i/4.0f released. Mostly fixes, plus assorted new features along the 4.0 line.
[Download 4.0f] [Download 3.4i]
Added Linux/PowerPC version of PHost 4.0e/3.4h. Many thanks to Thomas Liesner for making this possible.
[Download 4.0e] [Download 3.4h]
PHost 3.4h/4.0e released. Improves wormhole handling, fixes bugs in fuel consumption and elsewhere.
[Download 4.0e] [Download 3.4h]
New web page design. Comments appreciated.

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