PHost - Statistics

August 2023

For the curious, this page contains a few statistics about downloads from the site. It is regenerated about monthly from the web server log.

The following charts cover the time between 01/Aug/2023 and 31/Aug/2023. Only complete downloads (HTTP status code 200) have been counted. No attempt has been made to filter out robots (it seems that the old version pages are mostly accessed by robots).

Note: Non-CSS browsers should now also see bargraphs. Experience welcome.

Online documentation accesses

Counts each access to a page of the respective on-line documentation set.

 English 4.x (1160)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 English 3.x (1044)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 German 4.x (827)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Downloads by version

Counts each access to an item (program/documentation download, index page) belonging to the respective PHost version.

 3.4l (132)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.0k (122)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.1 (121)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.5c (120)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.1a (118)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.0f (118)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.0j (114)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.5a (114)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.1h (113)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.0i (112)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.0h (110)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4h (108)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.1c (107)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4i (106)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.1e (104)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.5 (104)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4m (104)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4j (103)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.0e (102)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4k (102)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.1g (96)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.5e (95)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.5g (92)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.1f (86)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.5f (84)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.0b (78)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4g (74)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4e (73)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.0d (72)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4b (68)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.0a (62)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4d (61)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4c (61)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.3d (61)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4f (60)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.3e (60)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 4.0 (59)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4a (59)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 3.4 (52)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Downloads by platform

Counts each download of PHost for the specified platform.

 Linux/x86 (302)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Solaris/SPARC (238)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 DOS/DJGPP (197)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 FreeBSD/x86 (185)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Linux/PPC (138)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Win32 (135)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 BeOS/x86 (75)xxxxxxxxxxxx
 Linux/x64 (22)xxx
 Linux/ARMv6 (20)xxx
 MacOS X/PPC (16)xx

Privacy Notice

Every request to generates one log file entry, listing the IP address, time, requested page, browser type, and referring page.

I use this information to generate statistics like these, to get a rough impression about the demands of people using this service. I also use it to find problems like dead links.

Other than through the information pieces listed above, has no user tracking technology like cookies or session Ids. If you filter out browser type and/or referrer information, this will not have any negative effect. There is no way could find out really sensitive information like your email address or name.

I will never disclose the full logfiles to anyone else (other than the ISP running the server of course); I will only publish summarized, anonymized reports like this one.

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