PHost 4.0k


Documentation (401k) [Download]
German Documentation (422k) [Download]
DJGPP2 version (DOS/Windows/etc.) (645k) [Download]
Win32 native version (Win95/NT/XP...) (614k) [Download]
Linux/x86 version, statically linked (should run on all distributions)
phost-4.0k-linux-x86.tgz (636k) [Download]
Solaris 2.9/Sparc (should also run on other versions)
phost-4.0k-solaris-sparc.tgz (598k) [Download]
FreeBSD 4.x/x86 version
phost-4.0k-freebsd-x86.tgz (570k) [Download]
phost-4.0k-beos-x86.tgz (622k) [Download]
PVCR 4.0k(2) (Combat Viewer for DOS) (69k) [Download]


If you've Mastered a game with less than 500 planets, PHost 4.0k may crash with an assertion failure in context Experience, file accessor.c line 76. In this case, run the following program on the game directory; it will remove the bogons causing PHost to stumble.

If you play on a normal flat map, you only need to run this program once per game. In wrapped-map games, you need to run this program on every turn, ideally using a Experience = Before *fix40k line in the PControl section of your pconfig.src. (Learn something new every day: PHost contains a deeply-buried routine which undoes the effect of this fix). If you cannot run MS-DOS .exe files, compile it yourself: cc -o fix40k fix40k.c.

Fix40k (C source, MS-DOS .exe) (8061 bytes) [Download]

Sorry for the inconvenience. PHost 4.1 will have this fixed.

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