PCC Extra Downloads

This page contains a number of extra PCC downloads. In general, those can be installed on top of an existing PCC installation, and need not be upgraded when you upgrade PCC (and vice-versa).

Sample Scripts

PCC has a script interpreter, which can be used to write small add-ons for PCC. Some more or less useful scripts can be found on the Script Library page. You can also submit your own scripts if you want me to place them there.


The default PCC distribution does not contain printer drivers or report forms. Printing is probably the least-frequently used function of PCC, so I decided not to worry most users with this confusing load of small files.

  • Printing Add-on ccprint12.zip (58k). This package contains printer drivers (*.ccp), report forms (*.ccr), and the report editor. Plus documentation on how to make your own drivers and forms. To install, just unzip it into your PCC directory.
    New: Version 1.1, 09/Jul/2005 The report editor was updated to remove the overly tight restrictions on Condition lengths; also added new field definitions for PCC 1.1.11.
    New: Version 1.2, 27/Jan/2008 Minor improvements.

Extra Pictures

If you're using PCC in 256 colors, this add-on improves quality of many pictures a lot. By default, PCC only uses 16-color pictures, this package provides POVray-rendered 256-color images. In addition, PCC gets faster if it has pictures in the "native" color depth.

  • Picture Add-on cc256.zip (191k). To install, unzip it into your PCC directory and type pictures at the command prompt. Requires PCC v0.99.8 or higher. Version July/2002

If you have a nice Winplan picture set you want to use with PCC, you can import it into PCC with replaceb. This little tool is 100% automatic, all you need to do is to enter path names and what pictures you want.

Some very nice sets can be downloaded from the Winplan section on Delta Force. New: They now even have ready-made picture sets in the PCC section, so all you need is to grab the replacement picture set and add it to cc-res.cfg.

If you have a nice resource.pln you want to use, you can use replace.

  • BMP Picture Converter replaceb.zip (18k). Unzip, and type replaceb at the DOS prompt. This is version 0.21.
  • RESOURCE.PLN Converter replace.zip (10135 bytes). Unzip and type replace at the DOS prompt.

Extra Fonts

If you don't like PCC's default fonts, here's help: more than 50 new fonts you can use with PCC.

  • Extra Fonts ccfonts3a.zip (173k). To install, unzip it into your PCC directory and type fontsel, to invoke the font selection utility. Everything else is automatic. This is the third release which includes cyrillic fonts for all areas. That is, you can now name your ships in Russian, for example. (Actually, this is release 3a; the original release 3 broke anti-aliasing in fonts that have it.)


This utility can be used to include documentation in HTML format (such as the PHost documentation, or other WWW texts on Planets) in PCC's help system. If you use an add-on that provides additional missions, PCC can even associate a HTML page with that mission.

This program is a quick hack, and does probably not even understand the full HTML 1.0 command set. However, it works, and that's the main point ;)

  • HTML utility cchtml.zip (27k) Version 0.21. Unzip, and read the documentation. This is a command line tool. New in v0.20 is support for named anchors, v0.21 handles <big> tags to be able to process Donovan's Help Pages.

Alternate Ship List Support

This utility is for old PCC versions, and for ship list makers who want to support people with old PCC versions. Current PCC versions (1.1.12 and newer) do not need this utility to support alternate ship lists.

PCC needs to know short ship names as well as some other information about your ship list. Older PCC versions (up to 1.1.11) required this information to be provided externally, usually from the Hullgen utility. Hullgen reads the ship list and, optionally, PHost's hullfunc.txt file, and generates the required information.

This is version 1.3 with rudimentary handling of per-player ship abilities (will be converted into appropriate comments).

  • Hullgen hullgen.zip (15k). Unzip this program, and run hullgen game-dir. That's all. If you are not pleased with the results, read the documentation, edit the script file and run Hullgen again. Or, use CCShips and edit the hull specification file manually.

VGA Planets Boot Disk

If you're having trouble to get PCC to run under Windows, this one is for you: a boot disk that boots into a nice, friendly DOS, readily configured with PCC and KFView (the Killing Floor viewer). Even without Windows trouble, this is a nice thing to have in your briefcase. These days, you get your email at every corner - just planets clients are a bit less common.

This disk was prepared by Ron Coit, you can download the installation files from his FTP site.

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