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Unless stated otherwise, all the content on this site, texts and programs, are (c) copyrighted by Stefan Reuther.

If you want to offer these files for download on your own site or BBS, you're hereby granted permission to do so, provided you play by the rules:

  • Please, make a honest attempt to keep your copies up-to-date. Nothing is more frustrating for people than hitting bugs which have been fixed a year ago.
    To keep you updated, I have an RSS feed which you can subscribe to. Alternatively, watch the News page.
  • When you offer my content on your site, tell people where you got it from, i.e., include a link to this site. In particular, I rename files sometimes (i.e., is replaced by, so you should not use direct links to the download files.
  • You must not modify the content. You are allowed to translate stuff into your language if you wish.
  • Permission to distribute subset archives is usually granted, provided your subset distribution actually works. You'll probably want to get in touch with me for that.

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