Planets Command Center - Scripting Manual

PCC includes a scripting language. This enables you to write scripts, little programs and procedures which automate various tasks in the game. The expression syntax of the scripting language is the same PCC has used since ever for searching, printing, labelling objects, and on the calculator. The calculator is now a general-purpose command console.

This manual describes these features. If you only need the expression stuff, you only need to read the `Expression Basics' and `Property Reference' Chapter. If you want to use scripts others prepared, you should skim the `Interpreter' chapter. If you want to develop own scripts, you should probably read the whole manual.

This manual is available as a flat-text version, in the PCC help file, and as HTML; the hypertext versions come with a comprehensive alphabetical index. This manual documents PCC 1.1.19.

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Stefan Reuther <>