Planets Command Center

Planets Command Center

For discussion of PCC-related things, please visit the PlanetsCentral forum. You can ask questions, discuss the game, or report bugs there. New releases are also announced in the forum.

When I started playing Planets in 1995, I found quite fast that there are things where standard client programs don't help. The only front-ends available at that time were planets.exe and VPUtil, neither really suited my needs.

Planets Command Center (or PCC for short) is a complete client program for Planets. It started as a message-reading and starcharts-with-ion-storms tool in late 1995, and can now be used to play complete turns. My friends and I rarely use anything else than PCC during the game.

PCC is freeware: you don't have to pay for it. However, it will maintain the shareware limitations of the Planets game if you don't have registered an original client program, and it will benefit of your registration if you have one.

PCC runs on any computer from a 386 onwards. It is a DOS program, but has been tested under a variety of platforms: Windows 3.x, 9x, 2000, and XP, as well as DOSEMU and DOSBOX. For best comfort, use anything that has 66+ MHz and some Megs of RAM.


  • editable, zoomable starcharts;
  • mouse-driven user interface with hypertext help;
  • fast RST unpacker / Maketurn;
  • archives planet, minefield, starship and score information;
  • full support for alternate universes, explore map, Sphere, PHost, circular wrap;
  • built-in multi-ship battle simulator; also available as standalone version;
  • printing (requires additional package ccprint);
  • information sharing via messages (compatible to Informer, Echoview and VPA);
  • built-in scripting language; also available in standalone interpreter;
  • Host999 and 10000 minefields support, supports Host 3.22.036 alliances, PHost 4.0 experience, and PHost 4.0j hullfuncs. New: supports PHost's "incompatible" options, such as configurable starbase costs;
  • Auto tasks, with graphical display/editor;
  • Export function: generates CSV or DBF files you can import into spreadsheet or database programs;
  • ... plus many other things not found in other current client programs!

To get an impression how PCC looks like, check out these screenshots. If you already have an older version of PCC, here is a list of changes between versions; this list is also part of the PCC distribution.

PCC is actively worked on. Have a look at the "To do" list for what's coming next. If you encountered a bug, look there if it is already known.

Even if you prefer playing with a different client program, PCC is a useful thing to have on your hard disk. It is much more flexible in dealing with VGAP data files than most other programs, and can be handy to fix problems or do other rare operations.

Installation, Download

Installing PCC is easy: grab the appropriate ZIP file, extract it into a directory of your choice, and you're (almost) ready to go. readme.1st contains additional release notes, cc.doc contains a step-by-step installation guide, troubleshooting information and a brief introduction. Everything else is in the online help you can access with [Alt-H] virtually anywhere. Add-ons come with their own installation instructions.

Here's the list of what's available on this page:

Current Version

PRs fixed in 1.1.20
24new: Simulator - Randomize fcodes for every sim
408new: Interpreter - Find(a,q,r), Count(a,q)
411bugfix: "Give Ship" button not highlighted

By default, PCC comes with English help & documentation. Wenn Sie es lieber in deutsch hätten:

To install this package, unzip it into your PCC directory (this will overwrite some files) and type ccaddres ccger.res at the DOS prompt. If you're upgrading an earlier version, you need not type that command again, PCC remembers this.

Standalone Scripting Engine

If you'd like to use just PCC's scripting language, you need not install all of PCC. There is also a standalone version of the interpreter. Basically, this is the standard PCC with all the graphical stuff removed.

Scripting Manual

The manual for PCC scripting is available on the help system. If you prefer a different format, look here:

Additional PCC Files

There are several add-ons to PCC. You can find them on the PCC Extra Downloads page.

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